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My Favorite Jackets/Coats for Him and for Her

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Winter is almost here and God knows that in Montreal, we all need at least two to three coats/jackets for the cold season. In this blog post, I will present you some of my favorite coats/jackets for fall-winter 2023 for both women and men and the reasons why I love them.

Light coats for the warmer fall/winter days

From October to March, the temperature fluctuates a lot and of course, we can't wear the same coat/jackets when it's +5 degrees in October versus when it is -30 in the middle of January. Here are my favorite light coats for women :

1- One of my favorite brand for light coats is S Max Mara, a more affordable line from the main label Max Mara. S Max Mara has a multitude of light coats made in amazing fabrics, in many colors and lengths. This season, I am obsessed with this Brushed Alpaca/Wool blend double breasted coat in taupy beige. The length is perfect and I love the Teddy bear and comfy look of it. It is very soft and light, you can dress it up with a nice dress and heeled boot, or down with jeans and chunky sweater because it is slightly oversized.

2- The second one that I love the best, still in S Max Mara, is this Long Felted Wool Open Front Self Belt Coat. Every season, the brand has this coat with subtle variations in length and colors, but they always have this "bathrobe" design, that I particularly love, a classic of the Max Mara house. Take note that this style is light and won't protect you from the very cold days as it is unlined.

3- This third coat is my ultimate favorite, for women. The Madame Coat from Max Mara is perfection. It is made in Italy in wool and cashmere, and has been designed in 1981, 42 years ago, a true classic coat. It is because of this coat that Max Mara has such a reputation in outerwear and coats. Any fashionable woman has a Max Mara coat in her closet. The craftsmanship is impeccable, it is fully lined and warmer than the two previous coats. It is one of the coat I sell the most and it comes in many colors. Navy, black, camel, beige, army green, pink, ivory, tan and more!

Now, here are my favorite light coats for men :

1- I've sold this coat a lot this season to my male clients for 2 reasons : The price and the quality. Made in Italy, with 90% wool and 10% cashmere, this Paul Smith Navy Coat is very versatile and classic. It's a nice coat for the October/November weather. It is chic enough to be worn with dress pants and shirts, but also very nice with jeans and sneakers or boots for a casual elevated look.

2- Another great affordable coat for men, is this Grey Theory Double Face coat. Theory really stepped up its game in terms of quality and design in the last few seasons. The American brand is actually making good quality products at good prices and I am not shy to mix it with some of my faves like Zegna or Brunello Cucinelli in my outfit creations for guys.

3- This third one is one of my favorite coat. It's a little more edgy yes, more boxy, so not for everybody, maybe for my more forward clients. It is lined in silk and made in Italy from the House of The Row, one of my favorite brands. This Black Double Breasted Wool Coat is the epitome of coats in my opinion.

When the weather will drop to minus 10 or 20 something, these wool coats won't be enough. You'll need a puffer, a down filled coat/jacket that will isolate you from the cold. Most of the time, puffers are very unflattering, they add volume, make you look like a sausage, or are way to sporty for the outfit you are wearing. But David is here! Ugly unflattering puffers are something from the past!

Here are my favorite warm puffers for women :

1- My ultimate favorite, at any price point, the Max Mara Puffer. It exists in tons of colors and it is just perfect. Very light, very warm, it covers the bum, it is also very elegant for a puffer with its A-line cut and the price under 1500$ is great. It is available in camel, pink, ivory, black, and beige.

2- Another great one is this beautiful black Prada jacket in down with shearling sleeves. Miuccia Prada really knows how to create amazing puffer jackets with great designs that will last for a long time. This is what I like about Prada, the products are always edgy but never go out of style, even if you wear them 15 years later. I own a similar jacket that I bought 10-12 years ago, and every time I wear it, people compliment me on it.

3- My third favorite puffer is long and is for those extremely cold days where you want to stay warm at all cost. You know how cold humidity in Montreal can get extreme, well this Moncler Down Coat will keep you warm. It also comes in black.

Here are my favorite warm puffers for men :

1- Moncler is my favorite brand for men's puffers. They are warm, stylish and somewhat, well priced for luxury outerwear. This Olive Green Moncler Jacket caught my attention at the beginning of the season with its wool panels, giving it some extra lux vibes. It also has a sort of elegance that we don't usually see in puffer jackets.

2- I also love this Navy Moncler Down Parka. This silhouette is a classic from the brand. I personally own a very similar one that I bought few years ago, and I had the previous version also 15 years ago. This mid length is simply perfect for colder days, it covers the bum, and it is easy to move while wearing it because of the slight A-Line cut.

3- A longer puffer coat that I really like is this Navy Moncler Down Coat with Fur Lined Hood. It is simple, classic, and warm. Perfect for those walks outside, weekends at the country or when you go to the arena see the kids skating or play hockey.

I hope that my suggestions are helping. Let me know if you need help to find the perfect jacket/coat for you for the cold season, it is always a pleasure to assist you and I can ship anywhere in the world in 24/48h, free of charge or can send you direct links to order yourself

David Lesage

Personal Stylist

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