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Having immersed himself in fashion for more than two decades, David has gained recognition for bringing time-honored looks back to life by refreshing them with a breath of modern air. 

David was exposed at a very young age to the art sphere. As a trained pianist and vocalist, he was constantly engrossed in the customs of the old world, authentic music, costumes, traditional lessons and complex performances that paid tribute to the most creative artists of years gone by.

David’s love affair with art, fashion, music and subculture brought him to do a degree in Business of Fashion at Marie-Victorin's Fashion School in Montreal. He then completed his higher education at HEC Montreal with a Bachelor in Business Marketing.

While studying, David began his career as a stylist at Donna Karan, determined to gain insight regarding the value and functionality of personal style and its lasting effects. It taught him the importance of the abiding contribution and confidence that a polished, quality wardrobe can provide. This experience helped David to open his own multi brand mid-luxury boutique, at age 27, where his clientele followed him.

David has been called "a true visionary,” lauded for his refined and discerning personal style and how he can create looks for clients while keeping their own personal style. He believes in celebrating all looks, from the trend-conscious to the obscure. In an effort to inspire and evoke a stimulating visual sensibility to a broader audience, his work commemorates the prolific insight of historic visual artists with integrity, all the while providing clever innovations for today.

David spends his free time playing volleyball, singing, modelling for photographer friends, and traveling the world.

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