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Five Tips to Transition Into Fall

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Vacations are over, kids are back to school, and September is here and is synonymous with "transitional wardrobe" or blending what you have from the spring/summer season and your new fall pieces. I often see people wearing their new boots, wool coats, chunky scarves in September but it's not right. There is a transition to make between the shorts and the cashmere pants, between the camis and the winter puffer, the sandals and the boots. In the next few lines, I will give you tips to avoid these faux-pas.

White pants/skirts after Labor Day

Some people say "no white after Labor Day". Well, these people are stuck in the past, I'm sorry. I love a nice white jeans with a tweed blazer or a chunky cashmere cardigan during fall. Wear it with sneakers or ballerina in September and October, then tuck your white jeans in your boots until December or until snow arrives. I also love a white skirt with a brown jacket, or with a dark cashmere sweater like we've seen in the latest Prada Fall/Winter collection on Vogue. With climate change, our Fall season is slightly longer and it gives us the opportunity to wear lighter pants/skirts through the entire fall season until snow arrives. After the snow, no more white bottoms, because the dirty snow will ruin them.

Time to store your sandals

I know it's still warm in the afternoon, but what will happen at night when it's 14 degree Celsius? You will freeze. So it's now time to store your flip flops, your sandals, your espadrilles, all your open toe shoes - and even your other very summery shoes - but you can still wear your slingbacks. Slingbacks are actually very nice transitional shoes and perfectly appropriate for the fall days. It is however too early to wear your boots and booties. Please don't be that person who will wear knee-high boots in September, wait for October for the booties/boots if the temperature is under 10 degrees Celsius.

The denim gets darker

I always tell my clients to store their lighter denim jeans/skirts/jackets for the fall season. Opting for medium blue is perfect for the day, and for night, darker blue, dark grey or jet black are my recommendations. I just feel it is more appropriate to have a darker denim with fall colors, especially that this season, colors are very dark, with burgundies, browns, dark greens, plum, greys, and of course black and navy.

The loafer, the flat par excellence!

Loafers are everywhere for fall 2023, as written in my previous blog post, and it is a great opportunity to have a comfortable shoe like a loafer, to transition into the fall season before you start wearing your booties/boots. Loafer have been seen in the catalogs of most brands and I am obsessed with this one from The Row, this one from Chloé, and for men, this one from Brunello Cucinelli, and this one from Gianvitto Rossi, a classic that I always suggest to clients.

Store your linen pieces for next Spring

Garments made of linen are desirable in hot and humid climates such as summer, in the south or in Europe while on vacation. Linen is dry and wrinkly - which is nice in the summer -, and the touch on the skin is "cold" compared to wool, cashmere, and even cotton. In climates like we have here in Montreal (or even Toronto or New York City) I would suggest to wear your last linen outfit before September 15.

Get in touch when you're ready to book your fall/winter session with me, but get ready to look fabuloussss!


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